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Thank you very much for your kind support for our G3 Auction.
Hope to have your kind support again in our next G3 Auction!
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PostHeaderIcon Security Deposit / แจ้งปรับเปลี่ยนเงินวางประกัน

ผู้เข้าร่วมประมูลจะต้องวางเงินประกัน ดังนี้

  • วางเงินประกัน 10,000 บาท ประมูลได้เฉพาะสินค้าในโกดัง(สินค้าเล็ก)
  • วางเงินประกัน 50,000 บาท ประมูลสินค้าได้ทุกรายการ

All potential participants must place the refundable security deposit to be successfully registered to proceed on to bid in the auction;

  • A security deposit of 10,000 THB in order to have the right to bid for the miscellaneous in warehouse.
  • A security deposit of 50,000 THB in order to have the right to bid for all equipment and machines.

รายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม/ More Details

PostHeaderIcon G3 Auction Co.,Ltd

G3 Auction Co., Ltd. simply stands for “Golden Triangle Auction”. We are a pioneer in Tri-Nations Auction for imported used construction machinery. We are Focusing to serve the need for heavy construction equipment specifically to all the Thai contractors, machinery dealers, farmers in the Northern region of Thailand and her neighboring countries Myanmar and Laos.
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เข้า ร่วมประมูล ONLINE เชิญที่ Link นี้ ได้เลย คะ

PostHeaderIcon Northern of Thailand Information

G3 Auction Co., Ltd. aims to be the “Pioneer in Tri-Nations Auction” and provide quality imported used machinery for the Northern region of Thailand.  Due to our location, the transportation of machinery into our neighboring countries and within Thailand is our most valuable asset.

Geological Characteristic and Climate

Northern part of Thailand, surrounded by the mountainous peaks and the tallest mountains in Thailand make this region relatively cool, during the winter season (Nov. to Jan), from the sweltering hot and humid climate of the rest of the country.  The weather in the mountains at night usually dip below freezing but the plain rarely falls below 25 Centigrade.  The region has 3 seasons, Summer (Mar. to April), Rain (June to Oct.), and Winter (Nov. to Feb.) and is 2,595 meters above sea level.  It shares borders with Myanmar and Laos thus making up the Golden Triangle.

The region comprises of 9 provinces Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Nan, Phayao, Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Lumphun, Sukothai, Uttaradit.  However, National Economic and Social Development Board designated 17 provinces as the northern region of Thailand further adding surrounding provinces. Read More »